Akitig, a fusion of two indigenous words meaning “earth and tree”. Mushrooms are the great recyclers of the forest, and by using their power, it is possible to grow nutritious mushrooms while also improving the forest.



Patrick Lemieux is an entrepreneur and leader in developing fresh new industries by carving paths to success through untapped economical, and environmental potential. He draws his strength, innovation, and leverage from his curiosity, and eclectic experience that includes mechatronics, industrial process design, laboratory tissue culture, forestry, sales, and agriculture.

Patrick left a successful career in the telecom industry to take on the new challenge of automating artisanal processes using industrial robotics. He has embraced the entrepreneurial life for the last 14 years, working with other entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and governments.

Patrick lives life to the fullest with his soulmate and six children, and is dedicated to developing new industries that create a positive footprint on our planet.



Isabela Lemieux is a born entrepreneur, leader, and powerful catalyst for the creation of opportunities through networking, business development, and innovation. She can turn on a dime and create magic in an instant. Working in international sales from a very young age gave her cut sharp business and negotiation skills that she combines with her electrical engineering and information technology experience to deliver consistent excellence.

Isabela lives with honor and integrity that is never compromised. This genuine and positive approach propels her creations into undoubtable greatness, and combined with her graphic design and marketing skills, she has the ability to make those creations accessible for the betterment of business and society.

Isabela lives life to the fullest with her soulmate and six children, and is dedicated to developing new industries that create a positive footprint on our planet.



Imre Kovacs is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience across industries. With an academic background in Environmental Science, operational experience with information technology and nearly 20 years in the cannabis vertical he has amassed a wealth of knowledge through a unique combination of business initiatives.

Mr. Kovacs’ operational successes are built on a consistent drive towards increasing efficiencies. He has placed priority on developing strong business relationships with excellent communication, transparency and conducting business with integrity. These values and experiences have enabled Mr. Kovacs to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving regulated cannabis industry as it expands globally.

Mr. Kovacs has a keen interest in identifying overlooked opportunities across industries as entrepreneurs and investors become hyper-focused on the latest trend. He intends to identify underserved markets and facilitate the development of intelligent, sustainable and profitable business models to satisfy them.



Experienced C level Executive & Serial Entrepreneur, with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets & business development. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Mentoring,Team Building. Strong business development professional.



Christian-Daniel Landry studied public administration at the University of Quebec in Montreal from 1980 to 1982 and then studied law at the University of Ottawa from 1982 to 1985. He was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 1986, began his practice as a lawyer and graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1987 with a degree in Notarial Law (DND).

Although a graduate in notarial law, Mr. Landry works in private practice as a lawyer, first in the field of general civil law from 1986 to 1992. He then gradually specialized his areas of expertise in commercial, corporate, real estate, bankruptcy and inheritance. As a fine editor, he writes procedures, briefs and contracts in many subjects and is frequently consulted by his peers. He has also been in the franchising business since 2006. He has extensive experience as a litigator in the courts of first instance and in the Court of Appeal.

Since 1998, he is supported by his faithful collaborator Carole Essiambre.